Title: I Choose You
Artist: Sara Bareilles
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There was a time when I would have believed them
If they told me you could not come true, just love’s illusion
But then you found me and everything changed
And I believe in something again

You defend an adult human being who has some kind of a brain and was repeatedly told to NOT change anything and who knew the consequences of changing ANYTHING in the past would be devastating and yet, she did that bc she just couldn't stop herself. That IS moronic. We have every right to hate her now. Yes, she did a good thing, but as always, it's not her who pay the price. It's Regina all over again. The Black Sheep of OUAT that pays for everyone stupidity and/or mistakes.



My first anon hate! I’m so proud.

I’m sorry, but Regina always pays the price?

Who had to give up their baby seconds after having it? Regina? No, pretty sure that was Snow and Charming.

Who had to grow up alone and abandoned because an evil witch cast a dark curse? Not Regina. Emma.

Who had to live for 28 years in a town that time was frozen in, with fake, miserable lives? Nope, not Regina. Try everyone in Storybrooke.

Who had nightmares for years because of a sleeping curse they were put under? Again, not Regina, but Snow.

Who’s father was senselessly murdered? Not Regina’s. Snow’s.

Oh, and who had to pay the price for that murder? Not Regina, Sidney.

Who was locked up for 28 years with no memories, and her only vision of the outside was evil eyes that would peer at her every now and then? Not Regina. Belle.

Speaking of memories, who was cursed  to live with two lives in their hide, remembering being forced to abandon his daughter along with the fake life, which drove him insane? Was that Regina? No, it was Jeffrey.

Who had to witness towns and towns of innocent people slaughtered because they didn’t want to help an evil woman and then live with that guilt? Was that Regina’s cross to bear? I don’t think so. It was Snow’s.

Who started to fall in love with the man they were meant to be with before his wife was suddenly brought in and had to deal with falling in love with him all over again, only to be branded a murderer? Not Regina, anon. Snow. Oh, and Charming dealt with a fair share of pain there, too.

Who was continuously raped in FTL and then his mind warped to where he thought he was in a relationship with his rapist and then killed because he rejected her? NOT REGINA, THAT WAS GRAHAM.

But, you know, the funny thing is, Regina DOES have SOMETHING to do with all of these events. Can you guess what that is? SHE CAUSED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. 

EVERYONE else has been paying the price for Regina’s senseless evil since this show BEGAN. Regina had a hard life, but she dealt out more misery than ten times the amount in her life. She killed VILLAGES of people, broke apart families to restore her own, killed a man just because he proposed to her - then made sure someone else who actually loved her would take the fall for it, decided to get REVENGE on Snow for a MISTAKE she made as a CHILD. She controlled Graham’s heart and raped him repeatedly - and then ended up killing him. She was worse than her mother could ever be.

It seems to me, anon, that karma has caught up with her. Emma’s actions were thoughtless, but I do not hate her. How can I - she saved an innocent woman’s life. She had no idea it would affect REGINA specifically. But the fact that it does affect Regina does not bother me. Regina FINALLY is getting her karma, which she never truly got. Even Rumple LOST HIS SON, but what happened to Regina? Absolutely nothing. It’s about friggin time.

Every single couple on OUAT - including SNOWING - has had MOUNTAINS of angst to deal with before they got together for good. Even after Snow and Charming shared their TLK, got married, and took the kingdom back, they STILL had to go through more angst to get where they are now. REGINA is not going to be the ONLY one who gets her happy ending handed to her. If anyone deserved that, it would’ve been Emma or Snow, but neither of them got that. Regina - next to Rumple - is the last person who would ever get that kind of treatment.

You idiots have allowed Regina’s victim complex to warp your own brain. For as many times as Regina has been a victim, she has made ten more people her victim. So, yeah, I will defend Emma - all day long - and nothing you can say will ever change my mind.

Although admittedly Regina’s father was senselessly murdered.

By Regina.



Enjoy the feels.

Graham’s letter to Emma

My dear Emma | Yours, Graham by XxEmberMclianxX

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